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Beth Hattenfels - Getgorjus

I have always had an awareness and been shocked with how many teenage girls and women have  low self esteem and found that the way we dress can have a profound influence on the way we feel about ourselves.
As a result I trained as a Colour and Style consultant with Ann Reiten CEO of TAIC (The Australian Image Company) and started a home based business called Getgorjus
I’m fascinated by how we see ourselves and how others see us. We make judgements about each other’s characters and capabilities all the time, usually in a matter of seconds.
I developed a strong interest in style and colour, particularly the role they play in relation to a person’s self-esteem, confidence and the overall image they present. 
It became obvious that successful people considered the image they were projecting, while those that were not as successful often sabotaged the opportunities available to them through poor image management.

      Finding your own style is not about following the latest trends, it is not about the size of the tag
 Style is about knowing what suits you !

 Women are always beating themselves up over characteristics they cannot change...
                                                                      ..No matter what your size or shape,finding clothes that flatter you is so much easier

Telephone: 0428 988 185
Address: 502 Gilgoan Road
City/Town: Wellington
State: NSW
Beth Hattenfels - Getgorjus

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